What to Pack for Any Summer Weekend Getaway

From lounging poolside or soaking up the sun by the ocean or lake, there’s no better reason to get out of town (and away from your computer and work routine.)

If you are also looking to save some money, time, and avoid a luggage mishap, packing light for these small getaways is the way to go. With TSA’s 3.4-ounces limit, you might have to leave behind your jumbo-size bottle of shampoo at home. The good news? H&H Science has your go-to list below for summer-inspired and travel-sized beauty products for your body, face and more.

Need ideas? Here’s what to pack in your carry-on this summer so you can spend your weekends hitting the shore and running in style.

A Purse-Friendly Cleansing Device

Packing light doesn’t always mean sacrificing comforts. If you love thoroughly cleansing your face with a face-cleansing device every night, consider swapping your builder gadget with our H&H Sonic Facial Cleansing Device. Small in size but powerful in action, this device not only is self-cleaning, but it also removes dirt and imperfection from your pores without taking a ton of precious real estate in your luggage. You can use this Sonic Device 300x before it runs out of power, so feel free to power up and leave the charger at home.

Your Entire Skin Care Routine – in TSA-Approved Sizes

Prioritizing your skin’s health (even on vacation) is totally fine. Taking the time to empty all of your skin care products into the travel-approved size bottles is such a hassle. The good news? All of the regular-sized products in our H&H Anti-Photoaging Systems are in TSA-Approved sizes. This travel- friendly set (comes in Normal and Sensitive) has your full skin care regimen (the BB Cream doubles as makeup and SPF). 

Makeup Multitaskers: The Nude Kit

Instead of packing multiple kits and palettes in your makeup bag, consider our 3-in-one H&H Nude Kit. Complete with 9 neutral eyeshadows, 1 highlight, 1 contour and 2 blush colors.

Your Sun-Kissed Tan: Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tan Liquid Travel Size

Even if you’re going to the beach, it’s great to have your sunless-tanner with you to maintain that refreshed and sun-kissed glow. Fake Bake’s Liquid Flawless Self Tanner is now travel size. And BONUS – it comes with a FREE professional application mitt. (LIMITED TIME ONLY – now available in-store only at H&H Science).

What Do You Think?

What are your favorite summer travel products? Let me know in the comments below!



My Morning Anti-Aging Routine for Sensitive Skin

First things first…as soon as I wake up I drink a glass of water to replenish what moisture I lost during the night. Then I do a 15 to 30-minute yoga workout to stretch my muscles and release any tension or soreness. After yoga, I make sure to eat breakfast and take my HH Science Clear Skin vitamin. Now I’m ready to begin my HH Science anti-aging skin care routine so I can look and feel my best!

Antioxidant Cleanser for Combination Skin

This luxurious, purifying, soothing cleanser gently cleans and replenishes the skin. Rich in antioxidants and natural botanicals, it nourishes and restores, resulting in healthier, more radiant looking skin. My skin is left refreshed and hydrated!

Sonic Facial Cleanser

The revolutionary H&H Sonic Facial Cleansing Device eliminates blemish-causing impurities while remaining extremely gentle on the skin. All it takes is one minute twice a day for a fresh, clear and even-looking complexion.

Eye Serum

H&H Total Eye Repair Cream contains hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate and seal moisture in, plumping visible lines and wrinkles. It features all-trans-Retinol to promote smoother, firmer skin. Also contains 90% green tea polyphenols, arnica, Vitamin K, peptides and moisturizers to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.

Brightening Pads

These H&H Brightening Pads improve skin tone while decreasing the appearance of redness, hyper pigmentation, or melasma. It combines botanical brightening ingredients kojic acid, arbutin, and bearberry, along with the skin protective antioxidants silymarin, ascorbic acid, green tea polyphenols, and emblica to soothe skin and help with redness.

C-Bright Serum

It is a potent collagen building and brightening serum. I apply it after using the brightening pads, revealing a fresh and pure complexion.

Dermal Restructuring Therapy

This lightweight lotion contains a special formulation of peptides, antioxidants and moisturizers that work to increase collagen and improve the appearance of the skin to provide a more youthful look. Hyaluronic acid provides intense skin moisture without feeling heavy, leaving skin more radiant with a healthy glow.

Facial Firming Therapy

This serum contains a unique combination of three peptides, antioxidants, herbal extracts, and moisturizers that work quickly to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while firming and toning the skin. Perfect for enhancing Botox treatments, this serum can be used in the area where you have received Botox or would like to receive Botox treatments.

Green Tea Cream

A cream composed of 90% polyphenols derived from green tea which reduces inflammation and redness as well as caffeine to tighten and firm the skin. An ideal moisturizing treatment for dry skin types who experience redness and flushing.

Total Neck Repair Cream

Developed specifically for the neck and décolleté this hydrating neck cream helps to firm, lift and tighten skin that has lost definition with age. Formulated with a proprietary blend of active ingredients to support healthy collagen and elastin production, smooth and even skin tone, and reduce signs of aging. ​

Tinted Brightening BB Cream SPF 50+

The next generation BB cream provides superior broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with a skin perfecting tint that reduces the signs of aging and evens skin tone. Worn alone or under foundation, this matte finish, multitasking formula blends with ALL skin tones.


What Do You Think?

What are your favorite night-time anti-aging products to use? Let me know in the comments below!


-Jessica Glenbocki

How to Spring Clean Your Beauty Regimen

You always take time to push your old coats to the back of the closet and bring forward the fun, light tops for spring, but what about your skin care routine? Here are 5 changes to make this season.

Tis the season for spring-cleaning! It’s time to toss out the old to make room for the new, and just like swapping your winter wardrobe with lighter clothing or dusting and cleaning the entire house, it’s important to update your skin care regimen and start fresh for spring.

Especially with living in Ohio, the cold temperatures and dry air make our skin itch, and worsen skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. So as the weather warms up, try these 5 tips to switch up your skin care routine for clear, healthy skin.


Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to purge old skin care products and cosmetics. Believe it or not, these products have a shelf life. So no matter how long you’ve been holding onto that free sample of foundation you received in the air and just haven’t found the right occasion to finally use it, or if it’s been that huge, old bottle of conditioner that forever keeps its place in the corner of your shower, it’s time to toss! Old, expired products can harbor bacteria and loose their potency.

You want to toss the following items:

  • Anything past the expiration date
  • Products that are dry or crusty
  • Anything with a change in smell, color, or consistency
  • Mascara order than three months (always toss makeup that is older than a year, no matter how much there is remaining).
  • Old, dirty makeup brushes or makeup sponges

TIP: Unlike food, cosmetic companies aren’t required to put expiration dates on beauty products, but a few brands list them anyway, so start by taking a look at the package. Look for a symbol of a jar with an open lid, number, and letter. The open lid means the expiration date applies once the product is opened or the seal is removed. The letter is usually an “M” for month or “Y” for year. So if you see “12 M” on the symbol that means the product will last up to 12 months after it has been opened.

Looking to refresh your look and replace old items? Stop by any H&H Science location to test and try out our mineral makeup like or fabulous Detox My Hair Line to help deep clean refresh your hair once a week.

Swap Moisturizer for Lighter Lotion

In warmer, more humid weather, you’re more likely to sweat when you’re out. For spring skin care, switch our your heavy moisturizer for a lighter lotion. For example, swap your H&H Enriched Super Rich Moisturizer with our H&H Facial Moisturizer, or our H&H Ultra Lite Oil Free Moisturizer if you have oily or acne-prone skin.

Exfoliate for a Healthy Glow

By exfoliating your skin, you can help remove all those dry, dead skin cells after slow build up during the winter months and restore your skin to a fresh, new glow. Start by gently exfoliating both your face and body once a week to help keep moisturizers better adept at absorbing into the skin and removing dead skin cells. Try our environmentally friendly micro-bead H&H Brightening Polish to gently cleanse and exfoliate.

Lighten Up

For spring and summer, use a lighter foundation and lighter, brighter makeup colors. The dull, drab days of winter are behind you, so freshen up!

Slather on the Sunscreen

While it is important to wear sunscreen all year long, start your spring off right by switching to at least a SPF 30+. At H&H Science, all of our sunscreens are SPF 50+ and fortified with antioxidants and provide UVA/UVB protection. TIP: Kill two birds with one stone with our H&H Tinted Brightening BB Cream as it is both your foundation and sunscreen! Or for acne-prone skin, try our H&H Ultra Lite Oil Free Sunscreen.

What do you think? What are your tips spring cleaning your beauty and skin care regimen? Let me know in the comments below!


-XOXO Heather


5 Things You Didn’t Know Are Causing Your Acne

You’ve tried every acne treatment that is on the market – each promising to clear your breakouts. You’ve even avoided certain food choices (that’s right, you turned down that scrumptious-looking piece of pizza last Friday night) to avoid breaking out the next day. It turns out; there are quite a few other items that you might be missing that can contribute to your acne. Listed below are 5 things that may be causing or irritating your breakouts.

 Smartphones, Earbuds and Makeup Tools

Anyone who uses their smartphone is at risk for breakouts. Every time you touch or hold your phone up to your face to make a call, your cellphone picks up makeup, bacteria and dirt and transfers it to different parts of your face. To keep bacterial levels low, be sure to wipe the surface of your phone clean with a simple rubbing alcohol-soaked cotton ball every few days. Same goes for earphones, eyeglasses, and of course, be sure to clean your makeup tools and brushes with brush cleaner frequently.

Your Pillowcase

It’s so easy to forget, but looking at the fact that your face spends at least eight hours of its day every night pressed firmly against your pillowcase, you’re basically lying on a big pile of accumulated dust, bacteria and dead skin cells. It’s crucial that items like towels and pillowcases get washes between uses as they come into repeated contact with your face and are the ideal source of bacteria.

TIP: Consider investing in a silk pillowcase, which not only does wonders for your hair (no more tangled mess in the morning!) and feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud, but it reduces friction on the skin that can irritate acne-prone skin and cause fine lines and wrinkles.

Sleeping With Your Makeup On

It’s a sin if you don’t remove your makeup before bedtime – especially if you have acne-prone skin! Makeup that is left on the skin overnight is one of the largest contributors to clogged pores and hinders skin renewal. By going to sleep with that old layer of makeup, the combination of dirt, bacteria mixed with the oil on your skin can mix to create a lethal concoction that can occlude pores and lead to acne.

TIP: Keep your makeup remover firmly on your bathroom counter where you’ll be reminded to use it before bed each night. With our H&H Science Dual Action Makeup Remover, it only takes one wash to remove all that potential acne-causing makeup.

Face Cleansers Not Suited for Your Skin Type

Finding the correct cleanser for your exact skin type and/or acne-prone skin is half the battle when it comes to having clear skin. Look for acne-fighting ingredients like Benzoyl peroxide to help dry out pimples or if your skin type is oily or normal, salicylic acid is your best friends as it helps to exfoliate blocked pores.

If you aren’t sure what the best cleanser or ingredients are for your specific skin type, visit one of our H&H Science locations or call to schedule a 1-on-1 consultation with myself and we will review your skin needs and conditions, determine your exact skin type, and I will create a skin care regimen with the appropriate products that will help your keep your skin clear and clean.


Being physically and mentally burned out can lead to a long list of other issues – such as hair loss, weight gain or most prominently, acne. With having a lot of stress, your insulin levels get thrown off balance, resulting in a hormone imbalance resulting in uneven skin tone, acne and enlarged pores.

It’s important to both recognized with you have a lot of stress going on and know how to reduce it. TIP: Meditation, exercising or simply choosing to say ‘NO’ to something in your life (no, you don’t need to stay late again tonight at work) will help you and your skin.


What do you think? What are your tips for preventing breakouts? Let me know in the comments below!


-XOXO Heather

My 5 Favorite H&H Science Vitamins

Vitamins play a big role in bringing about healthy skin and in the prevention of acne. The right combination of minerals and vitamins is essential along with other things to combat aging of the skin. Pollution, sun rays and cosmetics can damage your skin, if you do not take proper precautions. Usually, a multivitamin gives sufficient amount of the vitamins you need and do not get from your diet. However, if you still have problems with dry skin or wrinkles, HH Science formulated several vitamins to address skin problems and give you a radiant complexion:

  1. Acne-prone Skin: Some of the important vitamins and minerals for hormonal acne include selenium, chromium, zinc, vitamin K, E, D, C, A and B-complex.
  2. Itchy Skin: Some of the vitamins for itchy skin are vitamins E, A and C. Mineral such as zinc and biotin are also effective.
  3. Clear Skin: Some of the best vitamins to take for clear skin include vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K and bioflavonoids.
  4. Glowing Skin: Taking vitamins for a glowing skin is also effective. Vitamins C and E can significantly improve the health of the skin from the damaging exposure of the sun. Vitamin A is also essential for glowing skin, and the deficiency of it can leave the skin flaky and dry.

All H&H Science vitamins are vegetarian capsules meaning they are more readily absorbed than a tablet along with all our vitamins being GMP certified and therefore meet the highest quality manufacturing standards.

Here are my favorite HH Science Vitamins:

  1. Anti-Aging Formula
  2. Biotin
  3. Clear Skin Vitamins
  4. Daily Defense Vitamins
  5. Probiotic Vitamins

What do you think? What are your favorite vitamins to take? What H&H Science products do you love? Let me know in the comments below!


-Jessica Glenbocki