Strobing Is The New Contouring: How To Perfect The Look

What is strobing?

Strobing is essentially the application of a shimmery highlighter on the high planes of the face, where light would naturally bounce off. Unlike the concealer-bronzer-contour makeup techniques that look great in photos, but unnatural and heavy in daylight, strobing works beautifully in real life because light is always catching and reflecting off your skin. It is a much easier technique to learn and the highlighter simply amps up the reflective glow. 

How to Strobe:

Strobing should be the final step in your makeup routine. It goes on top of all the other products you are wearing, such as foundation, blush, etc.


Before you strobe, it’s really important to “mattify” the areas you don’t want emphasized, such as your forehead, chin and the tip of your nose. Otherwise, your whole face will have a greasy appearance. You will want to do this before you apply your foundation, tinted moisturizer or BB/CC cream. You can also use it over foundation in order to further mattify certain areas after makeup application. My favorite oil-absorber is our H&H Science Ultimatte Finish Powder.  

foundation-stick_luminizer-17b_390_1 copy.jpg

Watch our video below on how to strobe using our H&H Science Luminizer Stick.

Our NEW H&H Science Luminizer Stick is a creamy, conditioning stick illuminator that highlights cheekbones, diminishes darkness under the eyes and provides the skin with a healthy glow.  It contains Vitamins A, C & E that help to protect cells from free radical damage and aloe to soothe and condition skin.

It is Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, paraben-free and packed with antioxidants!


Strobing Tutorial:

What to Pack for Any Summer Weekend Getaway

From lounging poolside or soaking up the sun by the ocean or lake, there’s no better reason to get out of town (and away from your computer and work routine.)

If you are also looking to save some money, time, and avoid a luggage mishap, packing light for these small getaways is the way to go. With TSA’s 3.4-ounces limit, you might have to leave behind your jumbo-size bottle of shampoo at home. The good news? H&H Science has your go-to list below for summer-inspired and travel-sized beauty products for your body, face and more.

Need ideas? Here’s what to pack in your carry-on this summer so you can spend your weekends hitting the shore and running in style.

A Purse-Friendly Cleansing Device

Packing light doesn’t always mean sacrificing comforts. If you love thoroughly cleansing your face with a face-cleansing device every night, consider swapping your builder gadget with our H&H Sonic Facial Cleansing Device. Small in size but powerful in action, this device not only is self-cleaning, but it also removes dirt and imperfection from your pores without taking a ton of precious real estate in your luggage. You can use this Sonic Device 300x before it runs out of power, so feel free to power up and leave the charger at home.

Your Entire Skin Care Routine – in TSA-Approved Sizes

Prioritizing your skin’s health (even on vacation) is totally fine. Taking the time to empty all of your skin care products into the travel-approved size bottles is such a hassle. The good news? All of the regular-sized products in our H&H Anti-Photoaging Systems are in TSA-Approved sizes. This travel- friendly set (comes in Normal and Sensitive) has your full skin care regimen (the BB Cream doubles as makeup and SPF). 

Makeup Multitaskers: The Nude Kit

Instead of packing multiple kits and palettes in your makeup bag, consider our 3-in-one H&H Nude Kit. Complete with 9 neutral eyeshadows, 1 highlight, 1 contour and 2 blush colors.

Your Sun-Kissed Tan: Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tan Liquid Travel Size

Even if you’re going to the beach, it’s great to have your sunless-tanner with you to maintain that refreshed and sun-kissed glow. Fake Bake’s Liquid Flawless Self Tanner is now travel size. And BONUS – it comes with a FREE professional application mitt. (LIMITED TIME ONLY – now available in-store only at H&H Science).

What Do You Think?

What are your favorite summer travel products? Let me know in the comments below!



My 3 Favorite Face Products for Spring

As the weather changes, so does the makeup and other face products I use. Since it’s getting warmer I like to use products that are lighter on my skin. They are my go to for this time of year!

Ultra Lite Oil Free Moisturizer

I have been loving this moisturizer since I started using it! It is great for any time of year, but I especially love it now. As it starts getting warmer, my skin starts to get oilier and this moisturizer is the fix. It gets the job done without being too heavy on my skin. Don’t forget even when your skin is oily you still need to moisturize!

Mineral Sheer Tint

I have only been using this for about a month, but the second I put it on my skin I fell in love. It gives me just the right about of coverage, but still feels like I’m not wearing anything! It’s so easy to apply but my favorite way is to use my flawless face blender. This product is great if you don’t feel like wearing a lot of makeup everyday.

Nude Kit

Perfect for any look, I have been using my kit extra lately. Whether you want a subtle glow or perfectly defined cheek bones, the H&H Nude Kit can do it all. I have been using the bronze shade around the perimeter of my face to give a little color. Fake a summer tan in the spring!


What are some of your spring essentials?

Perfect Skin & Amazing Makeup for Sorority Recruitment

This month at Ohio State, my friends and I participated in formal sorority recruitment.  We had to be up at the crack of dawn on Saturday and Sunday for two weekends to help girls find their homes! My friend Tessa and I were both struggling with stress the week before and it caused our skin to have minor breakouts.

We both use H&H Science skin care products (as well as makeup and hair care) and we saw massive improvements before the big weekend arrived! We both wanted our skin to look its very best so that we could feel confident talking to the women who were coming through recruitment.  We wanted to give a good impression and having perfect skin and amazing makeup were some good ways to do it.

We both are huge fans of H&H foundations and this weekend we needed something that would stay on all day long and not move around on our faces throughout the day.  The Liquid Foundation was perfect for the job. In addition to providing a flawless coverage, it looked beautiful on our skin and kept it healthy and hydrated! We set the foundation and concealer with the baked hydrating powder, giving our skin a healthy glow.

The next, and arguably most important step, was contouring.  Using the contour kit that we both love so much, we achieved a natural looking contour and highlight, enhancing our natural bone structure. Brows, eyeshadow, mascara and lips were the final additions to our perfect makeup look.

My perfect lip combo for this weekend was the lip liner in the shade Naked, and the luxury matte lipstick in the shade Burlesque.  Both of these are my go to lip shades and the best part is that they are so moisturizing and never dry my lips out!

Tessa and I are both blessed with the opportunity to work with such an amazing skin care brand and we are so lucky to have the access to great makeup that kept our skin looking flawless all weekend long!

Quick Gift Guide for Beauty-loving Girls

It’s the holiday season! That means it is time to start shopping for gifts for your friends and family! Being a college-aged girl I can understand what it is like being hard to shop for. Her’s a quick gift guide for beauty-loving girls just like me!


For the light makeup wearing teenager, I suggest the H&H Science Baked Hydrating Powder! I use this on a day to day basis, and I have last purchased this product in August and it has lasted me till December!


The Nude Kit is a great gift for women of all ages and is perfect for people who are new to makeup or are very comfortable in the natural shade range. With 9 neutral eyeshadows, one highlight, two blushes, and one contour shade, this kit makes the perfect travel buddy for women on the go!


For the active girl, I would recommend the Tinted Brightening BB Cream! This cream has a sheer tint that is perfect for people who are not looking for a ton of coverage and is packed with helpful skincare ingredients! The best is that it fits every skin tones with its multitasking formula!


H&H has plenty of eyeshadow palettes for the eye makeup lover that are all mineral based and have amazing color payoff. You can’t go wrong with these and some even include a fun pop of color for those who aren’t afraid to do bold eye looks!


Lastly, you can never go wrong with brushes or makeup sponges to go along with any of these products. The H&H Science brushes are so soft and durable!

H&H products would make the perfect gift for any makeup or skincare loving teen or woman and they go perfectly with every skin tone! They also make the perfect stocking stuffers and I know I would not mind waking up on Christmas morning to one (or all) of these products!