About H&H Science


What is H&H Science and what does the brand encompass?

H&H Science offers a complete line of medical grade skin care products, mineral makeup and a complete line of botanical-based hair care products

Who developed the line?
Every H&H Science product has been hand-selected by renowned dermatologist, Dr. Helen Torok, and beauty skin care expert, Heather Funk. Clients are offered world-class products manufactured in the USA by an FDA-approved facility. Nationally noted and recognized beauty and skin care experts, Heather Funk and Dr. Helen Torok have over 55+ years of combined experience.

What does the H&H Science line do for you?

H&H Science offers skin, hair and makeup solutions for all of your beauty and skin care concerns including customized skin care and beauty regimens based upon your skin and hair type.

What makes the H&H Science line unique?

The H&H Science line is unique in that its skin care line is medical-grade in which it offers skin care treatment products customized to each individual’s skin type. It includes cutting-edge technology and it is clinically tested to deliver results. With it being medical-grade, it is more effective than over-the-counter skin care products because it contains higher levels of the active ingredients. A delivery system is built into the product, allowing the higher strength active ingredients to penetrate below the skin’s surface.

The H&H Science botanical-based hair care formulas focus on maintaining the health of the hair and are customized for the individual’s hair type.

H&H Science’s pure pigment mineral makeup line is the true extension of your skin care regimen that is parabens free, fragrance free, gluten free and contains the highest quality of minerals and technology to provide a flawless finish.

Learn more at: www.hhscience.com 

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