Thank you, Dad

As summer approaches, pools open, and our calendars begin to fill up with parties and get-togethers, it’s hard to keep up. With a party here and an event there, it leaves minimal time to just sit down and take a breath. It should go without saying, but no matter how busy our schedules get, or how much life can get in the way, it is always important to thank our dads, or father figures, on Father’s Day. Although this shouldn’t be the only day that you show your father gratitude and thanks a year, it should be a day that you simply put your busy schedules aside, set your phones on silent, and spend quality time with the man that raised you, taught you endless life lessons, and said “yes” when your mother said “no.” These courageous, supportive, and loving men in our lives deserve the recognition that they “claim” they do not need (because yes, apparently men “don’t like the mushy stuff,” or so they say).

So whether it’s your father, grandfather, step-dad, or just a man that has been there for you, do not forget to give them the gift of admiration and love this coming Father’s Day. Even though they may act tough on the outside, I promise that every father wants to be recognized and appreciated for what they do. So, to the best dad in the world—thank you.


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