Memorial Day Makeup Guide

Memorial day is a day of remembrance, family, barbecue and messy faces. You can’t go wrong showing up to your holiday events rocking some classic red and white, maybe even a little blue. So in addition to having a Tide-To-Go pen on you at all times, you may want to keep these simple makeup tips in mind for your Memorial Day!

Prepare Your Face for the Elements

There’s a few givens when it comes to Memorial Day. First Sun – expect lots of sun. For this reason, your sunscreen is an absolute must! You are going to want a facial sunscreen with SPF 50+ that will ward off those rays! I recommend any of our H&H Sunscreens, or if you want a great 2-in-1, try our Tinted Brightening BB Cream SPF 50+ as it combines both your foundation and SPF in one fabulous product.

Secondly, you are going to get BBQ sauce all over your face. No matter how classy you may be, it’s going to happen. For this reason, we recommend keeping a touch of powder foundation with you to touch up after cleaning up.

 Be Realistic With Your Lip Color

Barbecue is not an easy meal on your lip color, adding in the consumption of all the other delicious sides and your lips are going to have a hard time remaining perfect. To start, we recommend wearing either alight colored liquid lip that brightens your appearance with a festive, laid-back look. Then you can progress to your Memorial Day red lipstick after you eat. Our favorites are our H&H Liquid Lipstick in the color Mink Pink and H&H Luxury Matte Lipstick in the color Red Carpet.

Simple Makeup

Sometimes it can be easy to get swept up in holiday themes, but nothing will make a better statement than a clean, natural makeup look. Wearing nude-colored eyeshadow, mineral foundation, having full shapely brows, and a coat of volume mascara will create a stunning, natural look.

What Do You Think?

What is your favorite look for Memorial Day? Let me know in the comments below!