Brand Ambassador Gabby’s April Favorites

I’ve definitely been beyond impressed with all my H&H Science products so far. Some products that I have been loving lately is my H&H Dual Action Makeup Remover and H&H Tar Shampoo!

I use both these products before I go to bed every night. I use the Dual Action Makeup Remover before I wash my face and the Tar Shampoo when I’m in the shower.

I wear mascara almost every single day (besides the weekends) because I HATE taking it off. It gets clunky and gets in your eye and sometimes it gets frustrating for me. If I wear any type of eye makeup, I love to use the makeup remover to take off my mascara, eyeshadow and primer.

There’s a special type of formula that has oil and helps take everything off your eye much easier. The best part is it never burns my eyes if I happen to make a mistake.

Another product I love is my Tar Shampoo. I use it every single time i take a shower. recently, I’ve realized that my hair has been breaking and not looking too healthy. My Tar Shampoo helps dry scalp and makes my hair look so much healthier and shiny; and a little amount goes a long way.

I love these products because they’ve become a part of my every day night time routine. I recommend these products to anyone who thinks they have unhealthy hair and who wears stubborn eye makeup.

What do you think? What are your April favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

-Gabby :))