H&H Science Gives 20% to YOUR Local School

Join H&H Science in supporting your local school today!

We’re passionate about giving back to local schools, and want to add YOU to our program!

Through the sales of your school’s Intensive Hand Cream, we give 20% of the sales generated back to your school. You end up with velvety, beautiful skin AND you’re doing a world of good with every hand cream purchased—nicely done!

Giving Back…Investing In Our Schools

As a family-owned and operated local business, we understand the importance of education, and are invested in the future of the communities we serve. At H&H Science, supporting our local schools is one way we invest in our communities.

Through our H&H Science Intensive Hand Cream Fundraiser Program, YOU now have the opportunity to help support YOUR school by either donating or helping to get your school involved in our program.

We are proud to be a community business. We share similar interests and we believe in supporting the needs of our community. We believe in shopping, eating, and supporting LOCAL. For information on how you can help with any of our fundraising, contact us at afunk@hhscience.com or 330.662.0251.


Heather & Aaron Funk

Owners H&H Science

Your School’s Customized Intensive Hand Cream 

Custom Designed School Intensive Hand Cream

If your application is successful, you’ll receive a welcome email from the H&H Science Fundraiser team. In it, we will ask how you want to receive funding, and to submit an image, your logo and descriptions of your organization to be used on our website and within other communications with your permission.

Personalized Marketing Materials

We will never ask that our fundraiser partners provide marketing or promotion of H&H Science. We are simply happy to help local schools, like you, continue to do the incredible work you’re doing. If at any time you feel it would be beneficial to use our logo, say on your website for example, please just let us know.

You’ll End Up With A Partnership Like No Other 

Sale & Product Flyers
We provide sale and product flyers for you to display or send to your students, faculty, and parents.

Email Templates
We provide email templates you can customize and send to your clients to promote the school’s Intensive Hand Cream product.

Display Signs
If you’d like to display signs in your office or at your school’s front desk to promote products, we will provide at no cost.


We provide product images, links and descriptions so you can sell H&H Science via your school’s website.

Other Marketing
If there is support not listed here that you need to sell your Intensive Hand Cream, let us know so we can help!

How Do I Get My School Involved? 

Pass this information along to your school’s PTC or administrative staff, or by visiting us at: HHScience.com/fundraiser