5 Tips for Caring for Teen Skin

Your teenage years are a tough transition period for any child. Physical changes on the outside; hormonal changes on the inside. As a parent, we are still learning how to adjust our parenting skills to help them right along.

With acne also being genetic (your child is more likely to suffer with acne if you experienced acne as a teen), there are still many things as a parent you can do to help your child manage and take preventative action towards their acne.

As a skin care expert and having worked alongside my mom, Dr. Helen Torok, Board Certified Dermatologist, in helping diagnose and treat teenage acne for over 10 years and have found these 5 tips below to be effective in navigating these troublesome years.

NOTE: These tips along will not cure the concerns of cystic acne, which is very painful and severe acne cysts. I would refer any of my clients over to Dr. Helen Torok for a professional examination in order to receive the appropriate prescription. These tips are to help in being effective in managing and preventing both teen and adult acne.

Tip #1: Cleanliness

It’s no shock to say that most teens are not the most hygienic humans. Hormones alongside active oil glands combined with gym class and after school activities create a full face of dirt, debris, oil and sweat. It is important to stress to your children to cleanse their face and body at least twice a day (morning and evening).

How: Pick a cleanser that is medical-grade (meaning the product is a higher strength of something they would pick up at their local grocery store) and lathers well. I recommend our Sensitive Acne Cleanser as it is a creamy cleanser that treats acne without drying or irritating the skin.

Showering daily is also necessary to keep the oil from their hair from slipping down onto their face. Greasy hair? Not so great for breakouts on the forehead. To cut down on time, keep your Sensitive Acne Cleanser in the shower to be able to wash their face while showering.

Tip #1: Stop Touching

 Our hands are the most bacteria-ridden parts of our body. They are crawling with germs and kids love to touch their face. Innocently picking at things or lying their palm on their cheek can transfer that bacteria straight into the pores.

Also, NO PICKING! Most acne scarring occur because teens continue to pick at pimples, drawing blood and therefore creating scabs and holds that can take weeks or even months to heal.

Tip #3: Eat Wisely

Having healthy skin is important both inside and out. By staying away from refined sugars and processed foods such as meats with nitrates and excessive amounts of dairy, your teen’s skin will have less inflammation caused by certain foods.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and we need to feed it wisely. By taking a daily vitamin, such as our Clear Skin Vitamin, it can help provide the nutrients needed to support the production of strong, healthy skin at the internal cellular level.

Tip #4: Identify and Treat Blackheads Early

The reality is that even if your teen adheres to and follows all these tips, they will still get blackheads. It’s just a part of life. But if you can treat the blackheads before they turn into pimples zits, you’re ahead of the game!

Manual extraction is really the only way to remove blackheads. If you cannot get to a local esthetician for extraction, I recommend preparing the face and performing the extractions from home.

How? Wash your face first in the shower, letting the shower steam open and relax your pores for about 10 minutes. Follow up with a gentle cleanser and use a Sonic Facial Cleansing Device to gently scrub the face, but without being too abrasive or harmful.

After rising the face and drying off, gently extract any black heads from the face using a Kleenex or tissue wrapped around your fingers and a close mirror. Once you’ve extracted any blackheads you need to re-wash your face to make sure all leftover bacteria hiding in the pores are removed.

Lastly, to prevent future blackheads, use our Pore Minimizing Masque at night to tighten and re-close your pores.

Tip #4: Get Educated About Your Skin (Or Your Teen’s Skin) and Skin Care Products

Instead of reading a product recommendation from someone or seeing it on TV, learn about your particular skin type and why it does what it does so that you can navigate the brands and products out there as an educated consumer vs. someone just grabbing for something off a shelf out of convenience.

At H&H Science, I offer 1-on-1 skin care consultations with myself and we determine your skin exact type, review what products works best for your skin and I’ll recommend the correct medical-grade regimen that will help keep your skin or teen’s skin both clear and clean!

To call, or learn more about our products, visit HHScience.com or 330.722.5477.


-Heather Funk