Perfect Skin & Amazing Makeup for Sorority Recruitment

This month at Ohio State, my friends and I participated in formal sorority recruitment.  We had to be up at the crack of dawn on Saturday and Sunday for two weekends to help girls find their homes! My friend Tessa and I were both struggling with stress the week before and it caused our skin to have minor breakouts.

We both use H&H Science skin care products (as well as makeup and hair care) and we saw massive improvements before the big weekend arrived! We both wanted our skin to look its very best so that we could feel confident talking to the women who were coming through recruitment.  We wanted to give a good impression and having perfect skin and amazing makeup were some good ways to do it.

We both are huge fans of H&H foundations and this weekend we needed something that would stay on all day long and not move around on our faces throughout the day.  The Liquid Foundation was perfect for the job. In addition to providing a flawless coverage, it looked beautiful on our skin and kept it healthy and hydrated! We set the foundation and concealer with the baked hydrating powder, giving our skin a healthy glow.

The next, and arguably most important step, was contouring.  Using the contour kit that we both love so much, we achieved a natural looking contour and highlight, enhancing our natural bone structure. Brows, eyeshadow, mascara and lips were the final additions to our perfect makeup look.

My perfect lip combo for this weekend was the lip liner in the shade Naked, and the luxury matte lipstick in the shade Burlesque.  Both of these are my go to lip shades and the best part is that they are so moisturizing and never dry my lips out!

Tessa and I are both blessed with the opportunity to work with such an amazing skin care brand and we are so lucky to have the access to great makeup that kept our skin looking flawless all weekend long!