3 Things That Got Me Through Finals Week

With a stressful week of finals my skin is prone to break out. I do everything I can to keep it under control!


Pore Minimizing Cleanser 

Even if I don’t wear makeup I always make sure to wash my face at night. Throughout the day dirt and oil build up and this can cause your pores to get clogged. With clogged pores comes breakouts! With all the stress of studying I want to make sure I go to bed with clean skin and wake up with clear skin. Using my face wash along with the rest of my acne kit, I can make sure to keep my skin clear. 

Clear Skin Vitamins 

I make sure to take my vitamins everyday to give my skin a little extra help staying clear. I always try to prevent breakouts, rather than treat them after they are already there! The clear skin vitamins make it easy and keep your skin looking great! 


Spot Treatment Gel 

Sometimes I’m not able to prevent breakouts. When I do get breakouts I use the spot treatment to get rid of them fast! I especially get breakouts when I’m stressed, so this is my go to during finals week. 

-XOXO Hanna