My 3-Step H&H Foundation Routine

Hi my name is Gabby and I haven been using my H&H products since March of 2016.

On top of using my daily skin care regimen and applying my liquid/powder foundation, I found a simple blush and pressed power to use on my face daily that I’ve been obsessed with!

Like I  said before, H&H Science products are formulated to help improve your skin instead of clogging your pores. That’s why I don’t like wearing an overly-abundant amount of makeup. But, if I decide to wear a little more than usual, my face won’t break out or become irritated.


So for my daily foundation routine, the first steps are applying my H&H Science Liquid Mineral Foundation or my H&H Science Pressed Powder Foundations. I specifically like these products because they feel light, and my skin doesn’t feel too weighted down.


Next, I put on my H&H Science Powder Blush to my cheek bones using my H&H Science Angled Blush Brush that I got from the H&H Wooster Salon location.


To top it all off, I take a small amount of the H&H Science Pressed Powder Foundation to take away any extra oil from my face. I specifically use this in my T-zone where my skin gets the most oil.

Obviously, my makeup routine isn’t very precise and I’m definitely not a makeup professional, but this routine absolutely works for me and I love it!


So stop into theH&H Wooster Salon location or Medina locations to find some makeup products that work for you. I definitely recommend these products to everyone!