Gift Guide Exclusively for Teens

Clear, radiant skin is always on the top of every teen’s Christmas list! Here are some of our most favorite and loved products JUST FOR TEENS! Stuff their stockings with these lovely skin care and hair care wonders.



Acne Treatment Kits

Tired of using drug store brands that promise clear skin and don’t deliver? Don’t buy into all that hype, know your skin type! Take our online quiz and get the ideal medical grade skin care regimen customized for you unique skin type that will get your skin glowing this holiday season. Each kit includes your complete skin care regimen and will last you 4-6 months. That’s only $10.00 on average per month to have the skin you always wanted.


Clear Skin Vitamins

True beauty lies within! Feed your skin the antioxidants it needs on a daily basis to maintain healthy skin from the inside out. Our H&H Science clear skin vitamins contains acne fighting antioxidants to keep your skin clear and radiant!


Clear Skin Peel Kit

Boost your daily skin care regimen with our best-selling Clear Skin Peel Kit.   Packed with 60 peel treatments at $49.00, it costs you less than $1.00 per peel to target and clear up breakouts quick! Incorporate this into your skin care regimen two to three times a week and your skin will thank you!


Spot Treatment

Stressing out and breaking out? Stop breakouts in their tracks with this targeted spot treatment. This product holds a permanent place on my bathroom counter as I am always trying to bat away pesky pimples.


Pore Minimizing Masque

 We all need our beauty sleep. Tighten your pores and reduce surface bacteria while you sleep! Use this pore tightening treatment masque once a week overnight to keep your skin clear and pores tight. After just one use you will be able to feel the difference! Wake up to softer, smoother skin that will have you walking to class with a bounce in your step!


Sonic Facial Cleansing Device

Demand more from your cleanser! Pair your favorite H&H Science cleanser with our Sonic Facial Cleansing Device for the ultimate cleanse. Dirt and bacteria are washed away 6X better than when you just cleanse with your hands! Portable, rechargeable and chic-this is the perfect bathroom vanity accessory.


Mineral Make-Up

 Let your skin do the talking this holiday season! Showcase your skin by choosing a foundation that let’s your skin breathe and does not clog the pores. Our H&H Science staff dermatologist recommends organic mineral make-up to all our teen clients. It should be thought of as an extension of your skin care regimen.


Detox My Hair Kit

 Let’s face it we all do so much to our hair and it takes its TOLL! Trying a new hair trend and using multiple hair care products can be taxing on our hair- especially those that contain heavy fragrance, dyes and chemical parabens. Revive the health of your hair by incorporating a weekly detox treatment to remove all hair impurities and add shine! You are only three steps away from your ultimate hair this holiday season. All of our H&H Science Hair Care products include all of the good stuff and are free of chemical parabens, dyes, gluten and artificial fragrances.