3 Tips for an All-day Flawless Face

You wake up extra early for school, or whatever you have during the day, to make time to get flawless makeup. If you are like me, you want your makeup to look perfect! Why waste all the time to get perfect makeup if it is not going to last all day?  Below I’ve listed my three favorite things to do to keep my makeup looking great all day!


One: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! If your skin is dry and flaky you will already be off to a bad start. Especially since it is starting to get cold, is it important to keep your skin hydrated and looking smooth. Moisturizing every night will help you wake up with soft skin! I love using my Ultra Lite Oil Free Moisturizer from H&H Science every night before bed, I also like to use it before applying makeup to keep it looking flawless!


Two: Primer! It is important to use primer before you apply your face makeup. The primer will help smooth out any imperfections and help foundation go on smooth. Primer will help your makeup look great and keep it looking like it does when you first put it on all day! Right now, my favorite primer is the H&H Science Retexturizing Face Primer.

Three: Make sure you set everything! After applying your foundation and perfecting your look, you cannot forget to set everything! Powder will help keep your foundation and concealer in place. Without powder, you risk having your foundation move around or come off. I like to use my mineral powder from H&H Science to set my face when I am all done. Pair it their powder brush for the perfect duo!


What are your favorite tips and products for all day makeup? Let me know in the comments below!