Skin Care on a Budget

As a third year college student, it is becoming increasingly hard for me to manage my time. Id rather go see Kanye West in concert than study for my midterms ( I’m already checked out and it’s October). Unfortunately, the same thing applies for my skin care.


Sometimes I find myself wanting to skip out on my daily cleansing routine, masks, and moisturizing. Luckily I have H&H Science on my side. With incredibly sensitive skin (and a college budget) I have had no luck finding a cleanser that works for my skin.

When I was introduced to this brand I thought miracles were just a figment of imagination. After using the cleanser, toner pads, and moisturizer for just one month I saw amazing changes in my skin. The best thing about this regimen, other than it being personalized for my skin type, is that it is quick and easy! The whole process takes me less than a few minutes and produces incredible results. I can’t live without these products now and I have no excuse to skip out on washing my face every day since there is a limited time commitment for this.


As a college student involved in greek life and club sports, I have been struggling to find something that fits my active lifestyle. For once I’ve found a brand that works wonders on my skin and H&H has no problem keeping up with the daily hustle that is my life. The brand also carries products for all ages so I can continue to use this as my skin type changes as I age. I have finally found a skincare brand I can actually trust, and let me tell you it’s a great feeling!