Makeup that Lasts 24 Hours!

I spent my Saturday at the Ohio State Buckeyes Football game. It was a great day; still felt like summer with beautiful weather. But it was hot, especially sitting in the stands! So I was glad I used my three favorite tips to help my makeup last.

Beautiful sunny day @ OSU game! Glad I'm wearing my #HH Science Sunscreen 😊
Beautiful sunny day @ OSU game! Glad I’m wearing my H&H Science Sunscreen 😊

Tip One: Make sure you have clean skin!

Before you apply any makeup, your skin needs to be clean and ready! No product will block the oil that will seep through if your skin isn’t clean. I use my favorite H&H Science Green Tea Cleanser to wash away any makeup and oil from the night before. It’s important you don’t want to use anything harsh that will over-dry your skin, you just want your skin as clean as it can be.

#HHScience Pore Perfecting Face Primer is awesome! It's great for my skin and keeps my makeup lasting all day!
#HHScience Pore Perfecting Face Primer is awesome! It’s great for my skin and keeps my makeup lasting all day!

Tip Two: Primer on everything

I don’t prime my face every time I wear makeup, but when I need my makeup to stay all day (or all night) it’s an essential step. My H&H Science Pore Perfecting Face Primer adds a layer between my foundation and my moisturizer so my makeup has a flawless base to cling to.

Tip Three: Layer it up

This is one of the lesser-known tips, but it’s so effective and important to know. Keep your makeup in thin layers, especially if you use foundation. The thinner the layers, the better and more natural it will appear. Basically, you apply a thin layer of your makeup and let it dry completely before you apply another. This allows the makeup to set in individual layers, so it stays in place better. Using thin layers of powder, blush and bronzer on top will also work in the same way. However, using too much will be detrimental. Keep the layers thin and don’t cake your face!

What do you think?

What’s your favorite way to keep your makeup lasting all day long? Do you use any awesome products? Let me know in the comments!