The 3 Best Products for a Busy Student – With Hanna Rickett

I am a freshman in college and with this new school year comes big responsibility and a big work load. With all the time consuming homework, it makes it difficult to take care of your skin. These 3 products are my go to when I am short on time.

Pore Minimizing Masqueporeminmasque_swatch

After a long day of classes, I use the masque to give my skin a deeper clean. I love masques, because you can put them on and relax or get some homework done. It keeps my skin clear and allows me to get things done while it goes to work!

Toning Pads toningtreatmentpads

If I am extra short on time and don’t have time for a masque, but still want a good cleanse, I turn to my toning pads. They are easy to use before bed, or even after an early morning workout. Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time after a workout before class, so use it to clean up your skin until you have time to shower. 

Baked Mineral Foundation colortone-dayduneblack

For early morning classes a full face of makeup might not be an option. The Baked Hydrating Powder mineral foundations have good coverage and make it quick and easy to look like you took longer on your makeup than you actually did. It is great to wear all day and will not clog your pores. Pair it with one of H&H Science primers and it will last all day!

What are some of your favorite products when you are in a hurry or even just for everyday use? Leave us a comment below!