My 3 Favorite H&H Science Products!

The school year is underway and already I am swamped with school work and sports!  Of course there are also outings with friends, movies, shopping… but the one thing I cannot forget to make time for is my SKIN!  I started using H&H Science skin care several months ago.  My skin has never been better.  My breakouts are almost completely gone and my skin overall is healthy and moisturized.  It doesn’t take a lot of time or a lot of products!  I have a few favorites I totally rely on to help keep my skin clean and clear and my face looking its best.

screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-11-42-15-amFirst, the Sensitive Acne Cleanser has transformed my skin.  I used to get terrible black heads that seemed to last forever.  Since I started my regimen , no more terrible blackheads.  If I do happen to get a break out, it clears up in just a few days.  The Sensitive Acne Cleanser is just that, sensitive!  It does not irritate my skin or dry it out.  My skin looks clear, healthy and moisturized.

screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-11-38-13-amMy other go to H&H Science product for clear skin are the Toning Treatment Pads.  These cleansing pads are perfect for after a workout or cheer practice!  I simply wipe my face and I am refreshed and cleansed.  Having the ability to reach into my bag and without even needing a mirror, cleaning off the sweat and dirt from my face right away has really minimized my breakouts.  They are so easy and convenient to take along I almost always have them in my backpack.

img_0389Now that my skin is looking so healthy and I can say from experience how awesome H&H Science products work, I have ventured into the mineral based make-up and the botanical haircare.  The one make-up product that quickly became a favorite is the Absolute Black Volume Mascara.  I simply love this stuff!  It has a great curved, full brush that makes for easy application and total volume!  With just a few swipes of the wand my lashes are full, long and fabulous and, they stay looking great all day.  I even think they help me not look so tired every morning. 

I know there are so many different products out there for your skin, hair and make-up. it’s really hard to know what truly works.  I can tell you, H&H Science is the best and the products work!  When you see the results for yourself, you will agree.  Some things may cost more than others but to get it right, to not have to spend money and be disappointed, it is definitely worth it! 

-Dylan :))