Guest Feature – Tory Sargeant

Hey everyone! If you know me then you know I am OBSESSED with my skin care and making sure that I both look and feel my best every day.

Confidence is huge for me and I am finally happy to say that H&H Science has helped me have clear skin. Now I can feel my best without even wearing makeup.

My journey with this amazing brand started just a few short months ago in the spring of my sophomore year of college. I was suffering from dry, blemish-filled skin because I just couldn’t find the right products. I had tried everything from drugstore products to high-end routines from well known brands sold at department stores and expensive makeup stores. Nothing really seemed to click with my skin and produce results that I really wanted to see.

I started to get discouraged and think that I would never have clear and flawless skin. Then a miracle happened. My sorority sister, and fellow equestrian team member, Tessa told me about H&H. She said that I could just give them a try and I would be so happy with what I saw, and she was so right!

Within weeks of using their products I had beautiful skin and now I can feel gorgeous without wearing makeup! The skin care regimen that I use was personalized just for my specific skin type and I cannot believe that I wasted my time (and close to hundreds of dollars) on other brands that just claimed to fix my skin care issues when H&H was right there under my nose!

To check out the H&H Science skin care collection, visit their website HERE: