Guest Feature – Tessa Johns

As my first blog post, I will begin with an overview of my experience with H&H Science. Through my teenage years, my skin has been a constant battle. I could never find products that were right for my high-maintenance skin. Sometimes I would find products that would work for a few weeks, then my skin would just go back to the red, blotchy mess is always was. But most of the time, nothing made a noticeable difference. Some products only dried out my skin, others did nothing at all. Of course, I always saw it as worse than it really was, but I wanted so badly to have clear skin that I was confident in. I tried every product out there from topical ointments to medications as strong as Accutane, which worked but was pretty harsh and was not a long term solution.

Finally, a few months ago, I was approached to try H&H Science. I was willing to try it, as I have already tried just about everything else, but was not really expecting it to make a huge difference. This is one time in my life I am thrilled to say, I WAS WRONG. H&H Science has made my skin come to life. I can finally look in the mirror and be happy with my skin without any makeup at all. I still have breakouts here and there, but I no longer have to panic because I have H&H Science on my side to clear my skin right back up. Besides how it looks, my skin is now so soft and touchable. I am so thankful to finally have products and a skin care team I can trust! Thank you so so much, H&H Science!

Until next month,

Tessa J