Back to School, 90’s Style // By Megan Dyer, The Style Counsel

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Today was all about bringing the 90’s back. #chokerstyle // tip // embrace this trend and simply tie a slight black ribbon around the neck. I made my own by using a loose hanging ribbon from one of my tops! //

This time of year is one of my favorites!!! It truly is. Your waking up from lazy summer days to find yourself back in the mix of a new school year – with a ton of commitment and responsibility.

It’s a Fresh Start and a new direction! you have a clean slate!

Thinking back (way back!) to my high school fashion scene, I was reflecting on all the personalities, influences, and expression that presented itself. The Style environment in the 90’s was so motivated by Music, Art, Friends (the tv show 🤗 ) your Beeper – that’s how we communicated back then – the Gap, and any movie you recited because you had seen it in the theater 3-5 times. (Clueless, Romeo & Juliet, Airheads…just to name a few)

I feel teens of the 90’s really put thought into how they expressed themselves with Style, either based on what influenced them, or how they wanted to be seen.

Well..if your a Style & Fashion geek like I am 🤓 , you will recognize that trends and styles reemerge and re-invent themselves every decade – even if your a young’n today – you will later recognize trends that you once experienced.

That is where we are now. The style of the 90’s is your NEW style of today. Today’s 90’s style is simple, fresh and less fussy. And in my slightly biased opinion, the perfect Style to adopt for the new School Year. It’s easy, attainable, and above all else –  comfortable.

Outfit #1:

Back to School image #1

Outfit #2:

Back to School image #2

Click here for some 90’s style inspo.

THE one thing that proceeds your Style, above all else, is your health and well-being. Before you can think of adopting and evolving your Style, make sure you’re taking care of YOU, first! That means, having a healthy diet, moving your bod, and taking care of your skin!

Taking care of your self and working towards a Healthy Skin and Hair regimen, will give you confidence, and a fresh look. I have some personal favorites from HH Skin Science that I really encourage you to begin using. Trust me, you will thank me in 20 years 😘 .


First, cleanse! Keep your pores free of sweat, makeup, and all that school stress! I love the Green Tea Cleanser. It’s gentle on the skin but strong enough to combat breakouts!

Second, use the Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF 50+. I can’t say enough about this SPF… start using it now ladies. The formula is so lightweight, so sheer, and no joke – it gives you a glow. Wear alone or under makeup. It doubles as a makeup primer too!

Third, Tinted Brightening BB Cream. The great thing about 90’s style is that it’s fairly minimalistic when it comes to makeup – less is definitely more. So, with the Tinted BB Cream, you are giving yourself the needed coverage and color, without feeling like you have a mask on – it’s just you shining through! 🌟💫

Megan Dyer is a personal Fashion Stylist and owner of The Style Counsel, LLC

Megan Dyer, personal Fashion Stylist and owner of The Style Counsel, LLC