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LoriDasoHeadshotSpotlight on cleaning and restoring hair health before heading back-to-school with guest feature Lori Daso, Owner and Master Stylist at Reflections Hair Studio & Spa

After a summer filled with fun in the sun and various outdoor activities, it’s time to wind down and prepare for the busy back to school season. Preparing for your first day back to school is more than school supply and school clothes shopping- it is equally important to make sure your is hygiene in order!

One important way to stay on top of your hygiene is by ensuring your hair is adequately cleansed and cared for. After a summer of soaking your hair in chlorine-treated swimming pools, baking it under the sun’s rays, exposing it to bonfire smoke, sand, and buildup, it is likely that your tresses are looking dull, feeling dry, damaged, and possibly weighted down. Your lovely locks can highly benefit from a weekly detoxifying treatment in order to restore it to its pre-summer glory.


Our favorite detoxifying treatment to use at Reflections is the H&H Science Detox My Hair Kit. We strongly believe in this system because it is dermatologist-approved and infused with botanical-based formulas which are gentle on the hair and safe for all ages and hair types. It is recommended to do a full detox once per week to keep your hair naturally beautiful. I always explain to my salon guests how beneficial a detoxifying treatment is. While you may not think that your hair is unclean, you would be surprised to know what exactly is in your hair that doesn’t belong- such as buildup from various daily-use products like hair spray, dry shampoo, and leave in conditioners.


The Detox My Hair Shampoo is the first step in the system. The detox shampoo contains botanicals that cleanse and purify your hair, while allowing your hair’s natural radiance to become visible once impurities are properly  removed.DetoxConditioner

The Detox My Hair Conditioner is the next step in the system. The conditioner is infused with seaweed, algae, and sea kelp. These ingredients help revitalize and nourish your hair by strengthening it from the inside-out. The conditioner is very nourishing to the scalp can soothe irritation while creating a beautiful shine.

DetoxDeepTreatmentThe Deep Detox Treatment is the final step in the detoxifying process. This treatment features keratin infusions, and keratin is a key ingredient for adding moisture, creating stronger hair strands, reducing frizz and fighting breakage. This treatment is applied all over, with focus on adequately saturating the ends of the hair. It is to be left on your hair for 1-2 minutes and rinsed afterward. You may also add heat to the treatment in order to get the maximum amount of benefits.


If you begin detoxifying now once per week, you will be able to complete at least two treatments before your first day back to school. The great thing about detoxifying your hair with the Detox My Hair Kit is that the more often you use the system, the more protection you will have against future hair damage.

Cheers to healthy back-to-school hair!

-Lori Daso

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