Eating Your Way Towards Glowing, Radiant Skin

Simply Ways to Incorporate More Raw Foods Into Your Diet


I have tried and failed miserably multiple times to maintain a 100% raw diet. I have great admiration for those who can maintain this diet and all of the benefits that it affords. We all definitely need more raw foods in our diet as the research is clear that consuming raw foods has many direct health benefits. This does not mean that we have to be fully raw, vegan or vegetarian for that matter. What it means is to figure out what foods make us thrive, and serve an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables with those foods.

What are the Benefits of Eating more Raw Foods

The goal of eating more raw foods is to obtain plenty of nutrients in an easy-to-digest manner, one that our bodies are naturally suited for. While there’s no need to go completely raw or to declare yourself a “raw vegan,” making sure to consume at least some raw vegetables and fruits every day is important for just about everyone.

Some of the benefits of incorporating raw foods into your diet include:

  • lowering inflammation
  • improving digestion
  • providing more dietary fiber
  • improving heart health
  • helping with optimal liver function
  • preventing cancer
  • preventing or treating constipation
  • giving you more energy
  • clearing up your skin
  • preventing nutrient deficiencies
  • lowering the amount of antinutrients and carcinogens in your diet
  • helping you maintain a healthy body weight

In my somewhat laughable attempts to become completely raw, I have discovered a few easy ways to incorporate more raw foods into your diet. These simple tips will help you feel great and be more satisfied at the end of the day.

Three Simple Tips to Incorporate More Raw Foods

Focus on eating more raw foods, rather than taking an all or nothing approach

Delicious granola with berries
Delicious granola with berries

Studies show the more you rush into a new way of eating and the more you consider it just a quick-fix “diet,” the likelier you are to gain any weight you’ve lost back and to give up, which only sabotages your efforts. Every time I try to switch to a stricter diet that eliminates certain types of food, I always strike out. Finding a healthy balance is what is most important. Plus, adding in more high fiber foods and raw foods slowly might mean you experience less digestive problems and cravings, which can happen when you change up what you normally eat. There’s no need to completely make over your diet overnight. In fact, you’ll likely maintain a healthier way of eating when you transition things more slowly. I like to keep a 50/50 approach to my raw diet. Half of my food intake comes from raw sources and the other half does not. Some days might be a little higher and some a little lower and that is okay.

Make one meal all RAW- Go RAW for Breakfast


The easiest meal to go all “RAW” with is breakfast. I am not a morning person. My idea of making breakfast is grabbing a granola bar and chowing it down in the car on my way to work. If I am going to make a healthy breakfast myself, it is going to be a smoothie with a raw granola bar.  A breakfast smoothie with all raw fruit is a quick way to get a healthy start. You can make it “green” by adding a touch of spinach or kale. The brand “Go Raw” has some great all raw bars that make breakfast quick and easy for on the go lifestyles.

Stock up on delicious raw treats and staples and keep them handy

salad-in-a-jar-mason-vegan 3
Click for an additional FABULOUS mason jar salad recipe!

Make whipping up a raw snack quick and easy with keeping fresh fruit and vegetables in your fridge and nuts, seeds and raw snacks in your pantry. As more people are becoming educated and aware of the benefits of consuming raw foods, there has been an influx of raw food brands available in your local grocery stores and online. Have fun and be creative with it. I love making up trail mixes with a blend of raw dried fruits, nuts and seeds. I keep them in my purse and reach for them when my 3pm afternoon hunger strike kicks in at work. Another fun way to eat raw “on the go” is to make mason jar salads ahead of time. Layer your favorite salad combinations and your lunch is packed. A great summertime salad I love to enjoy that I layer in my mason jar includes a low fat raspberry vinaigrette on the bottom followed by fresh cut strawberries, blueberries, cucumbers, mixed greens (kale, arugula and spinach) or sprouted grains and sliced raw almond on top.

Finding Balance

We can all afford to eat a healing diet with more raw fruits and vegetables. They are easier to digest and you are more likely to feel full when eating lots of raw foods from consuming plenty of fiber and nutrients. There are numerous health benefits which include clearing up your skin.

The keys to success are taking it slow and having a healthy balance. You do not have to be 100% raw to experience the benefits of ingesting more fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Start with just incorporating one raw meal a day- Breakfast is an ideal choice as you can whip up a smoothie or opt for a raw bar. In order to stick with it, you need to have raw treats and staples on hand so you can quickly grab something healthy when you are on the go.

There are numerous books, blogs and websites that contain fun, easy raw food recipes as well as a significant number of raw food brands that you can find online and in your local grocery stores.

Austin and I picking raw raspberries
Annual berry picking from own orchard. One of our most favorite family traditions!


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