Achieve Healthy Radiant Skin with our NEW Anti-aging Kits!

A complete anti-aging skin care regimen customized to your skin type that includes your skin care essentials.

Walking through beauty aisles at the department store and beauty superstores can be overwhelming. Everything claims to be the answer for younger-looking skin. How, do you know what products are best for your skin type and what ingredients need to be in them to be effective? Take our Anti-Aging Quiz today at to get the kit that is perfect for your skin type.

Our Anti-Aging Kits include the first three components of our H&H Science Youthful Skin Care Pyramid and an anti-aging eye cream. Dr. Torok and I created this Pyramid so that we could easily communicate what your skin needs on a daily basis. Think of it like the Food Pyramid we all learned growing up. The Food Pyramid clearly illustrated to us what we needed to feed our body daily to get the essential vitamins and nutrients needed to be healthy and fit. The H&H Science Youthful Skin Care Pyramid illustrates what essential skin care ingredients and products you need to apply daily to maintain healthy and radiant skin.


In addition to using the H&H Science Youthful Skin Care Pyramid, we also use medical grade ingredients in our products. These higher strengths cannot be found over the counter and allow for more results oriented treatments. We also take into consideration your skin type and what ingredients are most beneficial for your skin type. This allows us to customize what Anti-Aging Kit is ideal for you so that you get the right skin care essentials within the layers of the pyramid for your skin type.



Anti-Aging Kit for Very Sensitive Skin


Anti-Aging Kit for Sensitive Skin


Anti-Aging Kit for Normal Skin


Your Daily Skin Care Essentials That Are Included In Your Anti-aging Kits As Outlines By The H&H Science Youthful Skin Care Pyramid

The Foundation of the Pyramid- ProtectionTintedBrighteningBBcream(HH)

As you can see in the pyramid illustration, the foundation of any great skin care regimen is protection. Dr. Helen Torok and I recommend the daily use of a medical grade SPF 50+ or higher that provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB coverage and offers a physical block. My personal favorite is our H&H Science Tinted Brightening BB Cream with SPF 50+. I apply it every morning as the last step in my skin care regimen before I apply my make-up. The universal tint provides a more flawless finish and is a great make-up primer.

The Second Layer of the Pyramid- RepairRetinolPlusSmoothingSerum2x(HH)

The second layer of the pyramid is focused on repairing the skin through the daily use of a medical grade retinol treatment. Medical grade Vitamin A, otherwise noted as retinol, repairs past damage and is touted as the gold standard for anti-aging. It retexturizes the surface of the skin making it feel and appear smoother, tightens the pores and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Third Level of the Pyramid- Treat- Picture of C-Bright Serum and Dermal Restructuring

DermalCbrightThe third level of the pyramid is focused on ensuring that the skin is getting the appropriate daily dose of antioxidants. The most essential antioxidant is Vitamin C. The medical grade form of Vitamin C in our H&H Science products effectively stimulates collagen and elastin. This tightens and firms the skin and provides a healthy, radiant glow. Vitamin C is also a natural photo-protectant and when worn daily in the morning with a sunscreen can increase the effectiveness of your sunscreen. Think of it like your morning “orange juice” for your skin.

Our Anti-Aging Kits also include one of our medical grade eye treatments.EyeCreams

We tend to show our age first around our eye area because the skin is thinner there. Therefore, using a daily treatment targeted specifically to tighten, firm, and hydrate around the eye area is essential.

Summarizing Your Essentials

The first three layers of the pyramid are considered the essentials of a great skin care regimen and everyone should be using these on a daily basis. Daily use of your SPF 50+, retinol, vitamin c treatment and eye cream will ensure that your skin is healthy and radiant. Think of it like brushing your teeth. We brush our teeth usually at least two times a day to maintain good oral hygiene. So, why would we not treat our skin twice daily to ensure that it receives the nutrients it needs to be healthy and radiant? Take our Anti-Aging Quiz at today and start using the Anti-Aging kit for your skin type now that includes your daily essentials and you will be on your way to younger, more radiant skin!