The H&H Science Skin Care Difference

The H&H Skin Care Difference

Dermatologist Recommended, Approved and Hand-selected

For me, when I think about H&H Science, I think of the perfect blend between beauty and science. Today, I’d like to emphasis the science part of us, and the technology behind all of our products that I’ve handpicked alongside my mother and co-founder Dr. Helen Torok, medical director of Trillium Creek Dermatology & Surgery.

As a skin, hair and makeup company, we take pride in having our products manufactured in the USA. They are not only superior to our competitors, but to skin, hair and makeup products overall.

Medical-grade Products Deliver Better Results

When choosing each product, we wanted medical-grade products because they include higher potencies and superior delivery systems that ensure results. Our products have been clinically proven to provide results. When you purchase an H&H Science skin care product, you are getting a medical-grade skin care product. The FDA regulates what can be sold over-the-counter at discount stores, department stores, and salons, verses what can be dispensed through dermatologists and physicians. Because of this regulation, over-the-counter products cannot contain the same levels of active ingredients as medical grade skin care products that are only dispensed by a physician. Our H&H Science skin care products contain more concentrated levels of active ingredients such as antioxidants, peptides and cell repair ingredients.

For our hair products, we took the natural route in that all of our hair products from shampoos to styling are botanical-based, color safe and sulfate free. Along with this, each hair, makeup and skin care product is gluten free, chemical paraben free and cruelty free.

Cutting Edge Ingredients and Technology

From peptides to antioxidants, alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxyl acids, lightening agents and cell repair enzymes, the H&H Science skin care line utilizes all the cutting edge breakthroughs in skin care technology. These new technologies and ingredients have been clinically proven to effectively penetrate the surface of the skin, to go deep into the dermis, where collagen can be made and skin damage can be reversed.

Only medical-grade products, such as H&H Science, can penetrate the upper layer of skin to allow the active ingredients to get deep into the dermis where they can effectively rejuvenate and repair skin to produce the desired results.

Cutting Edge Ingredients and Technology

Schedule a 1-on-1 consultation with myself and I will create a personalized skin care regimen based on your individual skin type and skin care concerns. Stop by any of our 3 H&H Science locations and our educated sales associates can help get you started on our H&H Science skin care essentials. All of our associates receive training from myself and from our physicians on staff so they are up to date on all the cutting edge ingredients and latest technologies. As a result of this extensive training and expertise, we can develop a skin care regimen that will work with your unique skin type to deliver amazing results!