Local Salon Owner, Marcy Cona, Finds Healthy Skin & Hair!

34 years in business has provided my staff and I a great deal of insight and progressive ideas in the beauty industry.  We’ve all been gifted in working with amazing and talented people! It’s our goal everyday to curate philosophies and trends that will impact our guests on a deep level, beyond the time they spend with us in the spa or salon. Our guests deserve the best, and we continually strive to uncover the treatments and products that will provide them with the best results!

I’ve never been more excited and inspired by the science and technology that H&H Skin Science is providing the MC guests.  I know we have firsthand expertise and devotion from Dr. Helen Torok, M.D. and Beauty Expert, Heather Funk, MBA. What warms my heart even more is knowing that the deep medical history and devotion  behind the H&H Skin Science line resides right here in NE Ohio.  Partnering with H&H Skin Science provides MC with seamless access to their extensive knowledge and support, which ultimately is such a huge benefit for our guests!!  We felt our beauty philosophies aligned greatly, and the mastery we have in the craft of hair, made for a perfect match.

I love the entire H&H Science Line, but I do have my favorites!  I always start my daily regime with the C-Bright Serum. It gives my skin an instant hydrated glow, and leaves my skin wonderfully prepped for my next favorite product, the H&H Skin Science Tinted Brightening BB Cream. The BB cream provides great coverage and color, as well as sun protection! And for my hair, I detox my hair weekly with the H&H Detox My Hair kit, leaving my hair fresh, clean, and hydrated without stripping my hair of color and essential oils. One of our Mentor Stylists, Lisa Williams, is going to share with even more with you on the H&H Detox My Hair kit…

MC is super excited to offer our guests the H&H Detox My Hair Treatment.  As Lisa mentioned, receiving this treatment prior to your color application, will allow your color to rest more evenly and VIBRANTLY on your hair. Ultimately, it will allow you and your color to shine!  We recommend the entire kit for at-home care as well, to assist in maintaining your hair’s health and vibrancy.  The H&H Detox My Hair Kit is great for those that consistently use styling products, swim, and hit the gym often!


I’m so excited MC Hair & studio mc can provide you with an extensive selection of the H&H Skin Science line, not to mention our exclusive H&H Hydrating and Brightening facials in the MC Spa.  Enjoy!

-Marcy Cona

  Owner of MC Hair Consultants and Studio MC

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