Cheers to a Happy & Healthy New Year!

Spotlight on maintaining healthy hair with guest feature Lori Daso, Owner and Master Stylist at Reflections Hair Studio & Spa

LoriDasoHeadshotEach New Year brings the exciting possibility of reinventing one’s self. When you take proper care of your self-image, you feel much better internally. While it is important to take time for yourself, you need to ensure you are using the proper beauty products in order to maintain and match your outer beauty with your inner health.

As a Master Stylist, I have used a variety of beauty products in my salon. While they can all help you achieve your desired look, they do not compare to products with a healthy foundation of natural and active ingredients, as well as botanical extracts. We love using H&H Hair Science in our salon for this reason. H&H Hair Science products are vitamin-rich, full of natural oils and amino acids. Amino acids are the proteins that physically form your hair strands. All of these ingredients are imperative to protecting and maintaining your healthy locks.

While many products claim to be color-safe, they often contain sulfates. Sulfates are a harsh detergent used in products to create a lather. Sulfates are the number one enemy of color treated hair due to the way they quickly fade hair color and cause the hair to lose moisture.

A great amount of professional beauty products also contain parabens. Parabens are used as a preservative in hair care, skin care, and makeup. Parabens are a toxic ingredient to have in your personal care products, as they have been shown to mimic estrogen. High estrogen levels are linked to breast cancer. It is better to err on the side of caution and choose products that omit this ingredient. Synthetic preservatives are natural and are a much safer alternative.



You need a healthy canvas for your stylist to work with so that your hair can be on-trend for Spring 2016’s exciting new styles. The latest color trends appearing on runways are “Ronze” colored hair, which is a beautiful blend of copper-red hues with bronze-brown shades. We are also seeing another mix of colors called “Bronde” which is a striking combination of blonde and light brown tones.

Hair Melt

Subtle color melting with fun, bold colors are also going to be a big trend for Spring. Color melt is a color placement technique in which your base color appears to melt in to a fun color from the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair.

H&H Science Hair Products available at Reflections Hair Studio & Spa

Changing your hair color frequently not only requires you to invest your time by being in the salon for a couple of hours, but can also be an expensive investment as well. You need to ensure you are protecting your investment by purchasing the proper hair care products to maintain the integrity and the color of your hair. H&H Hair Science is my top recommendation for all hair types. They omit sulfates and parabens, and also contain a natural UV protectant in all of their hair care products. Not only will you be protecting your new hair color, but you will also be contributing to the greater good of your hair’s health and integrity. Carefully selecting your beauty regimen from a health-conscious standpoint will keep you beautiful inside and out!

Cheers to a new year!

-Lori Daso

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