Natural Remedy for Children Who Are Nervous About Going Back to School

Every child enjoys summer break and spending more time with their family. Going back to school for some children can cause anxiety. Ask any parent and they can tell you that “sleeping like a baby,” is a contradiction in terms. Most parents have become too familiar with children’s sleep issues, from restless sleep to night terrors. According to the National Sleep Foundation, more than

two-thirds of all children experience at least one sleep problem a week and more than three-quarters of parents would like to change something about their child’s sleep habits. The recommended amount of sleep within a 24-hour period is 14 – 15 hours for infants; 12 – 14 hours for toddlers; 11 – 13 hours for pre-schoolers and 10 – 11 hours for school-aged kids. Most American children are not obtaining the recommended amount of sleep, which, in turn, is affecting their daytime behavior including school performance.

My son was very nervous the night before his first day of first grade. He was very restless in bed and could not calm himself down enough to drift off to sleep. My heart was heavy knowing that he was unsettled and I wanted to provide him comfort so he could sleep peacefully.

Having a father who is a homeopathic physician, has exposed me to the benefits of using homeopathic remedies for a variety of common aches and ailments. I have been using homeopathic remedies to treat my family’s common aches and ailments for over ten years. A well-selected individual homeopathic remedy can help with restlessness, irritability, nightmares, and anxiety. I have used the homeopathic remedy,Chamomilla, several times before for when my son was restless or anxious. You’ve probably heard of chamomile and perhaps even sipped a cup of hot chamomile tea before. Chamomile, when taken as a tea, is very helpful and has a soothing effect. The tea prepared from the herb chamomile is not only very useful for the overall health; it also helps to soothe the body and the mind. Most importantly, the homeopathic remedy prepared from German chamomile is used internally as well as applied topically and is helpful in treating a variety of health conditions. Homeopathic medicines are considered to be safe and effective for use and do not produce any adverse after-effects.

Shortly after I gave my son his homeopathic chamomilla remedy, he drifted off to sleep peacefully. He slept through the night and was not nervous in the morning. He walked confidently into school on his first day.

Getting a good night’s sleep is critical for both children and parents. But in today’s fast-paced world, getting to sleep – and staying asleep — can sometimes be challenging. Instead of lying awake in frustration, a growing number of families are finding that integrating a variety of natural remedies and some simple changes in their bedtime routine can set the stage for a night full of uninterrupted dreams.