First Aid Kit for your Hair- Beautiful Hair Starts With Healthy Hair

I routinely get my hair colored and highlighted and use a wide variety of styling aids to keep my curls looking their very best. However, all of this can leave my hair feeling dry and looking dull. All of the build-up from the various styling aids that I use weighs down my curls. By the end of the week, my hair is in serious need of rescue from itself. I always have my first aid kit on hand for my 6 year old son for all of the bumps and bruises that come from raising a boy. Thinking of all of the damage that occurs to my hair on a daily basis, I knew I needed a first aid kit for my hair. So, Dr. Helen Torok, board certified dermatologist, and I worked together to create our very own first aid kit for the hair.

Detox Hair Kit

I use my first aid kit for my hair on a weekly basis and it consists of three products. The H&H Hair Science Detox My Hair Shampoo, Conditioner, and Deep Detox Treatment. This three step system has literally saved my hair. After my first use, my hair was thoroughly cleansed and all of the build up from the styling aids that I use on a daily basis was gone! My hair was softer and shinier immediately after my first application. I continue to use my Detox My Hair Kit on a weekly basis to maintain the health of my hair. It restores my dull, damaged and frayed hair into healthy, beautiful hair. Everyone can benefits from the H&H Hair Science Detox My Hair Kit. It is ideal for all ages and all hair types.

Hair Follicle Image

Each product in this revolutionary anti-aging hair system is designed to help you achieve naturally beautiful hair. Botanicals in the Detox Shampoo cleanse and purify, while leaving the hair manageable and shiny. The Detox Conditioner is infused with seaweed, algae and sea kelp to revitalize, strengthen and shine. Lastly, the Deep Detox Treatment is keratin-infused to restore moisture, strengthen, stop frizz and reduce breakage.

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Start using this anti-aging hair system on a weekly basis and experience the difference for yourself.

-Heather L. Funk